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a baby adventure part 1
One day I walked into the lab to find Johnny standing on the table, on the table was a baby "Johnny what's happening?" I asked him "I don't know, my sisters just said to watch him" Johnny said "who is that?" I wondered looking into the baby's light blue eyes as he smiles to me "well apparently it's The Tickler" Johnny says  "wait" I asked "he met up with Plankton, then this happened" Johnny explains, I look back at baby Tickler and pick him up, he smiles at me and I smile at him. When Susan and Mary come in they see me sitting down on the floor with baby Tickler in front of me reaching his little arms to me obviously trying to tickle me "hey what are you doing?" Susan asks "having some fun" I said as I continue watching baby Tickler reach his arms out to me and falling onto his back , I giggle and tickle his little foot with my fin ger as he squeals and laughs like crazy. Susan picks him up and sits him on the table "so why is he here? I asked " because we have to fix
:iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 1 3
the 3-D Hypno Ring by The-Tickler-85-520 the 3-D Hypno Ring :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 1 0 a new dress by The-Tickler-85-520 a new dress :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 2 26 another crop top by The-Tickler-85-520 another crop top :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 2 62
how to teach a lesson
*I sit on the couch alone downstairs*
Johnny: *coming downstairs* HEY ISABELLE!!!
Me: huh?
Johnny: what did you do with my game controller
Me: ummm...I was using it
Johnny: what, oh you're dead!! *sits on my legs*
Me: Johnny what are you doing?
Johnny: *rolls up my shirt* teaching you a lesson!
Johnny: hehe *tickles my stomach*
Johnny: :) *tickles my sides*
Johnny: :)
Johnny: nope:) *tickles my ribs*
Johnny: awww it tickles?
Johnny: hehe you get what happens when you do bad things?
:iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 4 72


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Ask the OCs
So, I've decided to start on this series, since I figured it would be a good way to reveal trivial yet cool facts about my characters.
So here's what it is. You ask one of my OCs a question about them, and they will answer it through a drawing. Sounds simple enough, right?
To submit a question, send it through Note. Don't comment it anywhere on my profile.There's no limit to how many questions you can ask, but only one question per note and one question at a time, just so I don't get loaded with a bunch of requests all at once. Collective questions for two or more characters are allowed.You're allowed to repeat a question to different OCs, but you still must go by the "one question at a time" rule. I'm keeping this series a kid-friendly, PG rating, so no questions that are offensive or obscene.Just innocent/meaningless/silly questions about their life or their thoughts on things like movies, musical artists, hobbies, and other characters (OC or canon). No questions involvin
:icontoxicanvil243:toxicanvil243 3 0
mmmmMMMMMEDIOCRE by WackyToonArt mmmmMMMMMEDIOCRE :iconwackytoonart:WackyToonArt 13 20



GUYS (Not all of you but I'm sure you know who you are) I DO NOT ALLOW TICKLING OF SEXUAL AREAS WHY CANT ANYONE GET IT!!!
Guys I'm stumped. Help me out

Anyone want to try to explain this by The-Tickler-85-520

*note: read description*
For some reason I am thinking of making a short story with this character and her 2 sisters Olympic and Britanic (formally named Gigantic but renamed and then used as a hospital ship in WW1)

Do you guys think that's a good idea
Humanized Titanic

This is my interpretation of a Humanized Titanic using this website:…

The character is based from the one that appeared in my friend :iconkanetakerfan701:'s fanfics.

Added a few things in the bag ;)
my bag of evil tickles!!
You don't want me to use whatever is in there :evillaugh:
I need a bit of help with my IZombie story before I start it
Wow, The Outsiders novel turned 50 on April 24, 2017. I love that book...and the movie too.…
Do you guys think I should do my IZombie story idea?
Me: :giggle:

The Tickler: :? Something's wrong with you

Me: what?

The Tickler: you look suspicious

Me: so? Hmmmm

The Tickler: ^^;
Me: :giggle:

The Tickler: :? Something's wrong with you

Me: what?

The Tickler: you look suspicious

Me: so? Hmmmm

The Tickler: ^^;
Johnny: why are you wearing your spy outfit

Me: cause I can

Johnny: you know The Tickler is looking for you right

Me: not like he will *walks to the office building*
Johnny: why are you wearing your spy outfit

Me: cause I can

Johnny: you know The Tickler is looking for you right

Me: not like he will *walks to the office building*
Lol :rofl: I have a pretty weird IZombie story idea which would be a bit messed up in my opinion
Ok for some reason my cellular data settings doesn't have DeviantArt listed as an app I can optionally use over cellular data...anyone who can help or has the same problem
Well I got a link from:icondusk-light05:…

I can't use under 18+ characters:( I really want to use that story line but can't
*is hanging upside down on a tree branch in a crop top and shorts* :giggle:
Sometimes I hope someone would teach Mr. Tickle a lesson...hmmmm
I'm so bored I'm sad...I think I need cheering up:(



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hopefully that got your attention (but am I really his target?) Anyway I did this a bit ago so it's kind of out of date but who gives a f**k. (Sorry for swaring)

Tagged by :iconcrazdmetalhead009: .

1. Name: Isabelle
2. Nicknames(s): Belle (by family) The Tickler 85 (by...myself and some people at school)
3. Birthday: August 27th
4. That makes you: 16
5. Where were you born: Indiana
6. Location right now: school
7. Shoe size: 5 ½-6
8. How many piercings: ears
9. Tattoos: do temporary ones count?
10. When you wake up you're: a person who feels like a zombie
11. When you're about to sleep you're: at times trying to get to sleep
12. Zodiac sign: don't know
13. Chinese sign: no idea
14. Righty or lefty: Left
15. Innie or outie: a tiny (not so deep) Innie
16. School: sadly can't tell you

Section Two: Looks

17. Nationality: what?
18. Weight: probably 103 pounds
19. Height:4”9’
20. Braces: yes
21. Glasses? Reading glasses

Section Three: Private Life (Ugh!)

22. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: yes
23. If so, who: Spencer
24. If not, do you have a crush on someone:I have a boyfriend, but I still have a crush on Johnny Test :blushes:
25. Who has a crush on you: don't know
26. Ever cheated on your bf/gf: no
27. Who was your first kiss: Spencer
28. Who was your last kiss: I don't know
29. Are you a virgin:
30. Ever had a threesome before: :?
31. NQ-Ever been swarmed by ladybugs:
32. Have you ever been in love: yes
33. Broken any hearts: I hope not :( .
34. Got your heart broken: umm...long story
35. Ever liked a friend: Yep
36. What happened: honestly all I can say is that I have had a lot of friends

Section Four: Past Relationships

37. How many relationships have you been in: 2
38. How many were serious enough to count: 1 (my current)
39. Who were those serious ones: read question 23
40. NQ-Who USED to be your best friend: someone named Ashley
41. What made them different: I don't think so
42. What happened: I moved
43. Best boyfriend/girlfriend: Spencer
44. Worst boyfriend/girlfriend: some kid named Zack...I hated him
45. Ever been kissed: Yes
46. Who do you want back: The Tickler :(
(long story regarding a RP I did with :iconcrazdmetalhead009:)
and I also want the Captain Underpants books back too
47. What do you regret: stoping a RP between me and :iconR-AKing: did a while back on DA
48. Why: I felt like a jerk to stop it :(

Section Five: Favorites

49. Song:lol I love music in genral so I don't really have just one
50. Movie: well it was Titanic, but now it's the Captain Underpants movie :D
51. Food: Pizza, spaghetti
52. Drink: Root Beer
53. Store: 5 below
54. Television show: Johnny Test, Izombie
55. Holiday: Christmas
56. Book: The Outsiders
57. Ice cream: mint
58. Sweets: CHOCOLATE  
59. Crisps: funions
60. Type of music: all, but mainly rock and pop
61. Artists: not sure
62. Word: Tickle ;)
63. Time of day: whenever school lets out lol
64. Dressing:Don't know
65. Alcoholic drink: I Don't drink, I'm 16
66. Color(s): Black, yellow, Red
67. Piece of clothing: my home made Johnny Test T-shirt
68. Character: The Tickler (from Johnny Test), Blaine Debeers (from Izombie), Captain Underpants(from the books and movie)
69. Smell: for some reason...blood
70. Shampoo: suave
71. Soap: hmmm
72. Smiley: on DeviantArt, the giggle text, the angel smile
73. Board game: hmmm...
74. Sport: basketball
75. Number: 85
76. Quote: “he took everything, the enlargener, the shrinker, the widener, all the ray guns, even the mini fridge with the last can of who's it ham.” -Dukey (from Johnny Test...Episode: Johnny Vs The Tickler), “best film of the year! sorry Justice League but you can't compete with flip-o-rama” - :iconR-AKing: after telling him the Captain Underpants movie found a way to put Flip-O-Rama in it
77.  Animal: puppy
78. Actor: I have many favorites
79. Game: Minecraft,ROBLOX
80. Vegetable: corn
81. Fruit: Strawberries and honey crisp apples
82. Place to be: either Porkbelly or Elmore
83. Thing in your room: art desk
84. Gum: gumballs or surprising the helio bubble that Whacko made
85. Shape:Heart
86. Country: Russia or Mexico
87. Mall: don't know
88. Car: trucks
89. Boy's name: Johnny,Justin,Mike, and Austin
90. Girl's name: Joanna, Mary, Abigail, Hannah
91. Family member: my brother
92. Restaurant: hmmmm
93. Movie place:carmike cinema
94. Person to go to the movies with:not sure I guess :icontherealkirsten123: (even though we have only been oncewe still had fun:)).
95. Noise: Dipper pines sneezing lol
96. Brand of shoe: converse
97. Brand of clothing: hmmmm
98. Body part of a chicken: don't have one
99. Swear word: Fuck
100. Month: August, December, and March
101. Possession: phone, and my hand made cardboard remote I made afew years ago when I was The Tickler for Halloween
102. Team: Farragut Admirals :whoo:
103. Season: Summer or Fall
104. Radio station: 102.1
105. Magazine: hmmmm
106. Favorite grade: A and B, Cs are ok too
107. Least favorite grade:
108:Favorite Teacher: my Science teacher from 7th grade
109. Least favorite teacher: I don't really think I have any that were mean to me, but my 7th grade SS teacher was annoying at times
110. Subject: Art, Science
111. Subject to talk about: Science,especially if the topic includes anything on tickling

Section Six: Family

112. Who's your mum: everyone calls her Stephie lol
113. Who's your dad: Erik :)
114. Any step-parents: No
115. Any brothers: yes...20,amazing
116. Any sisters: yes…13, annoying
117. Coolest: my bro
118. Loudest: Myself and my mom
119. Best relative: no idea.
120. Worst relative: sister
121. Do you get along with your parents: at times
122. With your siblings: brother yes, sister no
123. Does anyone understand you: Johnny, Dukey, Susan, Mary, George, Harold, C.U (captain Underpants), Eric Cartman, Dark Vegan, Liv, Blaine, Major, And I think Brainfreezer but I'm not sure
124. Do you have any pets: Yes
125. If so, what kind and name: a puppy that's part Shizue Named Pete
126. If not, what do you want as a pet: have a puppy...but I really want a hamster

Section Seven: School

127. Are you still in school: Yeah
128. Did you drop out: no
129. Your current GPA: no idea
130. Do you buy or bring lunch: bring
131. ABC's: yes...want me to bring out that old song from the Jackson 5 lol
132. Favorite class: at time Art
133. Play any sports at school: band counts right?
134. Are you popular: No
135. Favorite memory: hmmmm...probably when Johnny and I ran half a mile across Porkbelly only to find that Dukey was way behind lol
136. Most humiliating moment: well long story ahort last week during a band performance I slipped and front of people during a football halftime show
137. Most funniest moment: Hmmm I guess see question 135
138. Most scared moment: when I did a RP with R-AKing a while back I cried scared to death

Section Eight: What do you think of when you hear

139. Chicken: Cluck
140. Dog:Bark
141. Christina Aguilera: no ideas
142. Ricky Martin: hm
143. 50 Cent: :?
144. Poop: YouTube Poop
145. Beach: Hawaii
146. Dessert: Chocolate 2
147. Water: drink
148. Osama: What?Pixel Tom
149. Love: Fanfics
150. Your little brother: A brat, though it's little sister not brother
151. Butt: spongebob
152. Clowns: Laughing Jack or Whacko lol...don't tell him I said that ^^;
153. Wonder: Wonder over Yaunder
154. Brown: dirt
155. Banana: dancing banana
156. Sex: eww
157. Parents: kids
158. Homosexuals: please shut up
159. God: Christian

Section Nine: Do you believe in

160. God: yes
161. Heaven: yes
162. Devil: not sure
163. Hell: yes
164. Boogey man: Maybe
165. Closet monsters: yes
166. Fortune tellings: No
167. Magic: yes
168. Love at first sight: not really
169. Ghosts: well since I know like 3-4 cartoon ghosts...yes
170. Voo-doo dolls: No
171. Reincarnation: yes
172. Yourself: Yes

Section Ten: Do you

179. Smoke: No
180. Do drugs: No
181. Drink alcohol: what? Im only 16
182. Cuss: under my breath
183. Sing in the shower: no
184. Like school: depends on what's going on that day
185. Want to get married: Maybe
186. Type with all of your fingers: not really
187. Think you're attractive: at times
188. Drink and drive: can't drive and still only 16
189. Snore: No
190. Sleep walk: no
191. Watching sunrises and sunsets: on weekends

Section Eleven: Have you ever

192. Flashed someone: no
193. Gotten so drunk til you threw up everywhere: can't drink, still only 16. Although I did drink so much coke i got sick.
194. Told that person how you felt: I told Johnny something stupid once
195. Been arrested: yes
196. Gone to jail or juve: got arrested in Porkbelly for helping Dark Vegan do something
197. Skateboarded: not standing up
198. Skinny dipped:
199. Rock climbed: yes...hated it
200. Killed someone: I have not but I did in a RP played someone who did
201. Watched porn: No!!
202. Gone on a road trip: road trip!!
203. Went out of the country: no
204. Talked back to an adult: Yes
205. Broken a law: See question 196
206. Got pulled over: can't drive
207. Cried to get out of trouble: to Johnny's parents and The Tickler yes
208. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: mhm
209. Kissed a sister's friend: eww
210. Kissed a friend's sister:I don't think so
211. Dropped something on the floor and let someone eat it anyways: yes
212. Moon someone: I'm a girl so I can't do that
213. Shoplifted: No
214. Worked at McDonald's: no
215. Eaten a dog: please say you mean hot dog
216. Given money to a homeless person: Yes
217. Glued your hand to yourself: Once 218. Kissed someone of the same sex: blah no
219. Had a one night stand: I think so
220. Smoked: No!
221. Done drugs: no
222. Lost a friend because of your ex: I don't know
223. Slapped someone for being stupid: I slapped The Tickler...biiig mistake^^;
224. Had cyber sex: I DONT LIKE SEX!!
225. Wished you were the opposite sex: Yes, just to see a boys life
226. Caught someone doing something: Dark Vegan dropped his helmet off the roof of Whacko's office building once
227. Played a game that removes clothing: ew no
228. Cried during a movie: I do all the time
229. Cried over someone: Yes
230. Wanted to hook up with a friend: No
231. Hooked up with someone you barely met: NO
232. Ran away from home: Almost did
233. Cheated on a test: I think so

Section Twelve: Would you

234. Bungee jump: scared of heights so no
235. Skydive: still scared of heights
236. Swim with dolphins: Yes
237. Steal a friend's gf/bf: maybe:giggle:
238. Try to be the opposite sex: Yes
240. Lie to the police: if it was Clive...yes lol but only as a joke
241. Lie to your parents: I kind of do
242. Backstab a friend for your own well being: Never
243. Be an exotic dancer: no
244. NQ-Kill the president: Yes

Section Thirteen: Are you

245. Shy: Kind of, yeah
246. Loud: I can be around friends
247. Nice: yes
248. Outgoing: No
249. Quiet: in school
250. Mean: does being evil for fun count
251. Emotional: Yes
252. Sensitive: Yes
253. Gay: NO!!
254. Strong: kind of
255. Weak: to tickling...but I don't think that counts
256. Caring: yes
257. Dangerous: I can be
258. Crazy: Yeah
259. Spontaneous: :?
260. Funny: yes :giggle:
261. Sweet: :D yes
262. Sharing: yes
263. Responsible: Sometimes
264. Trustworthy: not to my parents but to friends
265. Open-minded: yes
266. Creative: Yes
267. Cute:yes!
268. Slick: ;)
269. Smart: I am when it comes to explaining the science behind tickling but other then that no
270. Dumb: not really
271. Evil: in RP ;)
272. Ghetto: No
273. Classy: NO!
274. Photogenic: No
275. Dependable: don't know
276. Greedy: umm
277. Ugly: no
278. Messy: yes
279. Neat: No
280. Perverted:ew
281. Silly: definitely
282. A C***: No
283. A good listener:yes
284. A fighter: no not really
285. A party animal: No
286. A game freak: Yes
287. A computer freak: ehh

Section Fourteen: The last

288. Thing you ate: pop tart
289. Thing you drank: Dr. pepper
290. Thing you wore: pjs
291. Thing you did: art
292. Place you went: right now I'm at school
293. Thing you got pierced or tattooed: no idea
294. Person you saw: Johnny
295. Person you hugged: Mr. Krupp...don't ask
296. Person you kissed: Johnny
297. NQ-Person you beat to a juicy pulp: I almost wanted to kill Brainfreezer
298. Person you talked to online: :iconpkthunderblast:
299. Person you talked to on the phone: no idea
300. Song you heard: unmmm
301. Show you saw: no idea
302. Time you fought with your parents: last Friday
303. Time you fought with a friend: See question 297
304. Words you said: Bye

Section Fifteen: Now

305. What're you eating: Nothing
306. What're you drinking: Dr. pepper
307. What're you thinking: should I snap my fingers at Mr. Krupp? :think:  
308. What're you wearing: a BOA shirt and pants
309. What're you doing: doing thins in class lol
310. Hair: messy
311. Mood: Tired,hurt
312. Listening to: music
313. Talking to anyone: Johnny Test, George, and Harold
314. Watching anything: no but I wish I was watching Johnny VS The Tickler right now

Section Sixteen: Yes or No

315. Are you a vegetarian: No
316. Are you a carnivore: Yes
317. Are you heterosexual: umm
318. Do you like penguins: No
319. Do you write poetry: no
320. Do you see stupid people: no
321. You+Me: ew
322. Do you like the Osbournes: I like one song by Ozzy
323. Can you see flying pigs: no.
324. Do you sleep with stuffed animals on your bed: Yep
325. Are you from Afghanistan: No
326. Is Christina Aguilera ugly: no
327. Are you a zombie: no but sometimes I wish
328. Am I annoying you: so..many...questions
329. Do you bite your nails: Yeah
330. Can you cross your eyes: yes
331. Do you make your bed in the morning: sometimes  
332. Have you touched someone's private part: NO!!!

Section Seventeen: Opinions

333. What do you think about classical music: I could listen
334. About boy bands: ehh
335. About suicide: No
336. About people who try to force their opinions on you: no idea
337. About teen pregnancy: just no
338. Where do you think you'll be in ten years: no idea
339. Who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: anyone on here
340. About gay men: blah

Section Eighteen:

341. Do you have a website: I have a Facebook page does that count
342. Current time:
434. Lat thoughts: Johnny,Dark Vegan and The Tickler are fighting again
435. Tag:
And I guess any of my other watches who would like to do this


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my favorite deviation:)

Favorite Johnny Test quote: "he took everything...the enlarger, the shrinker, the widener, all the Ray guns, even the mini fridge with the last can of whosit ham, oh he is evil" -Dukey
(from Johnny Vs The Tickler)

Favorite IZombie quote: "shut up or I'll eat you" -Liv Moore (episode unknown)

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favorite visual artist: none
Favorite Movies: Titanic
Favorite TV shows: Johnny Test, IZombie, Mr. Men Show
Favorite book: The Outsiders
Favorite writer: none
Favorite games: scene it
Favorite gaming platform: Minecraft
Tools of the trade: Tickle belt, Bone saw
Other interests: I have an obsession with Johnny Test, IZombie, and Tickling

My besties:
:iconlaurenlily96::icontherealkirsten123: (my 2 bestest friends)

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My buddies: :iconmattie-dolmio: :icondalekemperor: :iconsockticklingguy:
People who act like my fav JT characters:

The Tickler: :iconcrimsondude123: :iconmattie-dolmio:

Dark Vegon: me :iconjsf5leader1234:

Johnny Test: :iconnewtonreturns566:

Dukey: :iconlaurenlily96:

Johnny's parents: :iconthelinkinparkhombre: (dad) I can't seem to think of someone to be the mom(mom)

BlastKetchup: :iconcomicreadinggamer:

The Tickler's Allie (even though he doesn't really have any): :iconenkermkn001:

I now have a league of characters...and here are the members.

The Tickler(me): the leader
Blaine Debeers (:iconzhaneaugustine:) : member
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Brainfreezer(:iconashercoolww:) member
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there is one more person but he deactivated his account sadly:( his username was tothejohnnyextrime

I like Johnny test a lot, I know all episodes and you can watch them on YouTube. I have a crazy obsession with Tickling and whenever I get the chance to do so...I ask them if they are ticklish. I also have an obsession with Johnny Test...I know all villains from Bling Bling boy to The Lunch Lady...I can talk like any Johnny Test character. I just started watching this show called IZombie and I love it already,I already remember most of the main characters. I have 2 scars on the front of me, one on my chest and one on my belly, they are separate. the 1st scar is because I was born with a heart disease called TAPVR (I can't put the full name cause it's too long) and was in the hospital for more then 5 months, my 2nd scar is from my esophagus being wrapped around my stomach when I was 2-3 years old. I am the middle child of my family with an older brother named Kaleb (birthday: 1/30/1997) and a younger sister named Karys (birthday: 5/21/2004) my siblings do not know that I am ticklish but I have a feeling that they will find out soon , my mom is a very good person and my dad always likes to have fun. I am the only left handed person in my family. if you like IZombie,then send me a note so we can chat about it. I watch a lot of shows that include Tickling.
I do impressions of characters as well

my top 5 best impressions

5: Johnny Test
4: Mr. Tickle
3: Dukey
2: The Tickler
1: Ms. Whoops

If you want to see me do these impressions,email me and I will make a YouTube video

Characters I like:
Mr. Tickle (Mr Men Show) The Tickler (Johnny Test) Spongebob (Spongebob Square pants) Cat Valentine (victorious/Sam and Cat) Carly (ICarly) Olivia Moore (IZombie) Feebie (The Thundermans) Dark Vegan (Johnny Test)

the most fun I have is with friends I let me be your friend. I am now starting to write a book called "Adventures In Cartoon Network City" and it's about any experience I have had in CN city or here on Deviantart :) it is going to be a long book probably at least 15 chapters as I keep having fun here

My obsesstion with tickling: I have not had this obsesstion for long but I have had it for 4-5 years. I first got into it from watching Johnny Test, I became super obsessed with Johnny Vs The Tickler sience it was my first Johnny Test episode and first episode I saw with tickling. I have watched that episode a whole lot and I still do, I never stopped watching it. Later on I started watching more shows with tickling, like SpongeBob and Gravity Falls, for Halloween 2015 I desited to be The Tickler because I enjoy him so much. My parents don't like my obsesstion and didn't like that was a villain but I still was him. When I got my Devianart account I didn't feel like the only person with the interest and obsesstion with tickling like I do and always like watching cartoons with tickling sience that is what started me out to enjoying it.

Languages I know:
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design

JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

things I like: my friends, Tickling, cartoons, IZombie, YouTube, puppies and kittens, cartoons that have Tickling.

things I don't like: bullies,loosing my best friends,what my sister likes, people who don't know my favorite Johnny Test episode, super bad Tickle Torture, Jews.

href="DeviantArt://profile/mrticklerapefaceplz" target="_self">:iconmrticklerapefaceplz: :iconsaysplz: everyone needs a tickle

It's Time To Stop!I have noticed that with my friend :iconThe-Tickler-85-520:, in some "rps" any tickling towards her gets sexual and I am afraid that these people have other intentions other than tickling. At first I was suspicious and didn't think too much of it and thought it was just a one time thing, but twice it happened and now I'm not only scared shitless, but also downright angry. That ain't funny! Seriously, it's not funny. She's only 15, she has so much ahead of her. Not only that but she hates sexual thing, so to me, someone taking advantage of her like that is a big disobedience of her personal rules and a big cross over her line (I don't know if she feels the same way since I haven't asked her yet but if she does great, we're in agreement). Call me what you like, but I have seen and read about enough real life stories to have a good idea about when something's being taken too far. I have seen episodes of a TV show depicting real life stories about children, teens, and adults being abducted
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things I'm obbesed with:

Tickle Stamp by Sue-Zan

things I like:
Dee-Dee -Fan button by SunsetMajka626

Spongebob Lover by FoxGurl25

I Love Spongebob stamp by superj760

Lil Gideon Fan Button by ButtonsMaker</a
Johnny Test Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

iZombie (Stamp) by LadyOfManyArtForms

my important stamps:
It's Okay To Cry Stamp by xXPariahsXx
Ticklish Artist by Moriona-Broazic
I Collect Stamps by SquallxZell-Leonhart…

Smart Lefty by Cute-Little-Angel
Left-handed by MagdaMilo

RP: 1st person by PharaohQueen

friends STAMP by peterdzign

randomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz

The Spelling Stamp by Busiris

The Glomp Stamp by Busiris

The Hug Stamp by Busiris

Artblock Stamp by Busiris

The Stamp...Stamp by Busiris

I Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherry

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot


OC appreciation stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria

My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27

OC Pairings - Stamp by Astanine

Luv Someone With Autism Stamp by Mirz123

Autism isn't an insult by Guinnygirl

my DA family:

:iconcaptain-storm:-my pretty mother

:iconsockticklingguy:-my awesome father

:iconlaurenlily96:-my fav sister

:iconticklishnate:-my amazing bro

:iconhamonrhydoncena: my best bro

:iconfeatherwish004:-my adorable sister

:iconftgenikit:-my crazy Tickler

:iconcanucksfan17:-my happy Tickler
:iconChrimsondude123: and :iconmattie-dolmio: my evil Ticklers

:iconticklishbigbrother:-my crazy bro

:iconjasminedalton:-my Michael Jackson song partner

:iconthelinkinparkhombre: the happy one

:icongracesimerly53:-my BFF

my RP buddies:



href="DeviantArt://profile/iloveticklingfeet" target="_self">:iconiloveticklingfeet:





I love the Titanic alot...I am a huge Titanic fan



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