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crop top time :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 8 265 BROWN SUGAR!!!!!!!! :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 0 5
IZombie: a golf club and a little ticklish payback
Liv’s voice: Blaine being evil, Major judging me, and anyone else not helping me…well they ended up helping when I found Blaine's partner dead, yep...somebody had the nerve to kill The Tickler, and it wasn't Blaine.
*scene: in an alleyway near the MeatCute,The Tickler is found on the floor dead as Clive, Liv, Ravi, and I are standing around his dead body*
Clive: hmmm...The Tickler, he was found dead last night by Max Ranger and this was besides him
*Clive picks up a golf club*
Liv: well someone must have done it
Me: *sobbing* yeah...he couldn't have killed himself
Liv: she's right
Clive: hmmm...his tickle belt is gone
Liv: someone must have taken it
Me: yeah...and whoever has it must have killed him
Ravi: well we will take him to the Mourge and we'll see what we need to do
*Ravi puts him in a bag and we head for the Morgue*
Scene: Mourge, The Tickler is now laying on a table, the side of his head almost busted open, Liv is getting something out of the fridge as Ravi and I a
:iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 1 134
YAY!!!!!!!!!! :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 2 6
Adventures in Cartoon Network City chapter 3
Crimson's P.O.V
I go off to find the others to get help from them,  I search for the others as fast as I can, I found out that they all were back in the Lab
"Guys, Isabelle is in trouble. the tickler has her captive still!" I say as I run into the lab still barefoot
"wait, What?" Timmy asked as he saw me running in with no shoes on. I tell them everything that has happened, from the moment I was captured to when I was let go "well where is she now?" Susan asked me, then noticed me barefoot "and why didn't you get your shoes?" she asked "They are still at the tickler's main base and I can take you guys to where she is." I say as I walk towards the door "ok, let's go" Jimmy says "yeah...we have to get her" Johnny and Timmy say at the exact same time. I lead everyone to where she was being held at helping them to sneak into the building "we have to make sure we don't get seen" Mary says, the others nodded, We sneak around until we find the room that she is being held in "we have to g
:iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 1 0
Adventures in Cartoon Network City chapter 5
The Tickler brings us to another building on the other side of the town, he locks the door to the building and ties us both to a table and waits for us to wake up "What happened where are we?" I  hear Crimson say, which means he's waking up as he look around seeing that he's now tied to a table I also wake up "what happened" I said "you guys will not be safe this time" The Tickler says evilly "what?" I said once I noticed I was tied to a table "Come on you held us captive long enough let us go already!" Crimson says struggling more in the ropes "yeah" I said "well until you tell me what you were doing in the office this morning you guys aren't leaving" The Tickler says "We weren't doing anything now let us go!" Crimson says as he raises his head up to look at The Tickler "yeah" I say looks at the ceiling "well too bad" The Tickler says putting a hand over a button on the control panel, Crimson gulps wondering what the button will do once The Tickler had pressed it. The Tickler pre
:iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 2 0
Adventures in Cartoon Network City Chapter 4
My P.O.V.
Crimson and I started heading to the office building, as we were walking I got a strange feeling that we were being followed by someone. I suddenly stopped and looked at Crimson "I don't know why but there's something going on" I told him "well what can we do?" Crimson asked, then I continued to walk on until I noticed that Crimson was no longer besides me, I definitely got nervous knowing what's going on as I continued going to the office building alone.
Crimson's P.O.V
On our way to the office building, Isabelle and I get separated from each other. While I walk down the street looking for her, a van pulls up beside me then hands pull me into driving away soon the van arrives to Wacko's toy company then I am taken into the building for a little talk with The Tickler. "I herd you were with Isabelle" The Tickler says as I follow him to the meeting room "what were you doing?" he asked "I'm not going to tell you anything!" I say as I try to get free from the people holding me as
:iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 3 0
Adventures in Cartoon Network City chapter 3
I was heading for Dimsdale when I saw something in the shadows, something oddly familiar, I looked around and saw nothing but I kept hearing a noice say "I got you now" and it was so familiar that I took out my hidden blades and was ready to strike at whatever was behind me...or more like whoever... I look around one more time until The Tickler (apparently from Spongebob, really from Karate Island) came out of a bush and tried to sneek up behind me, but I turned around and saw him "hello😇" I said "hey" he replied in a French accent, he had a water dome over his head so he could breath "what are you doing?" I ask "nothing much" he says "just seeing what you are doing" he says as he held onto his bamboo sticks with claws (yes that is a real thing he had) "I'm going to Dimsdale to get help" I said "oohh... I'll come with you" he replied "ok great"  I said and continued to walk on with The Tickler (from SpongeBob) following me. When we got to Dimsdale, I met with Timmy outside
:iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 2 9
Adventures in Cartoon Network City - chapter 2
Once I got to Dillydale I met with Genikit and Mr. Tickle with Johnny Test and Bart Simpson behind me “hello” Mr. Tickle said “hey we need your help” I said trying to not freak out as I explained the problem to him “do you know where they are?” Genikit asked I shook my head as Johnny and Bart both said “no” Genikit thought for a moment then went inside, I followed and so did Mr. Tickle, who looks at me and says “Lauren must have been set up or something” “yeah you're right” I replied, than I got a notification on my phone for Deviantart, I looked at it and it was a note from 7thknight that said "Lauren was nowhere near South Park, you better go check Springfield" I looked at Genikit, than replayed with "she wasn't in Porkbelly either...I have a feeling she's in Springfield or at the Warner Brothers studio" and looked at Genikit again "Knight just said she might be in Springfield, should I check?" I asked him "yeah,
:iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 3 0
Adventures in Cartoon Network City - Chapter 1
I walked into the meeting room and looked around "I know I might seem crazy asking this but, what are we doing here?" Crimson asked me following me through the door "Whacko told us to find a remote" I answered as I looked under the table "hmm... what's it for?" Crimson looks around the room "I'm not sure, but it does something i know that" I replied peeking my head out from under the table, we kept looking a few minutes until Crimson spotted something in the corner, and it wasn't the remote "why did Lauren have to go with The Tickler and Sideshow Bob?" He wondered, I looked in his direction and frowned "I-I don't know Crimson, I just don't know" I looked in a box and found the remote "I mean, I'm not mad, I'm confused" he said "I am too but she is a villain with them now, come on we need to get to Laughing Jack and Lost Silver before sundown" we left the office and headed to the Test house. When we got there, Jack and Silver were waiting by the tree as Bart Simpson was on a tree branch
:iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 2 29
WOOHOO!!!! :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 0 4 my other Johnny Alternative version of a character :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 3 36 my bag of evil tickles!! :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 9 721 do it? :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 0 178 game disc :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 1 14 YUMMY!!!!! :iconthe-tickler-85-520:The-Tickler-85-520 5 180


Lend a Holiday Hand :iconpurfectprincessgirl:PurfectPrincessGirl 85 104
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Mine Nights at Freddy's: Ants Death. :icontherealkirsten123:TheRealKirsten123 1 11
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Skype name: The Tickler 85
Skype ID: thetickler1234
Guys...if any of you have read the Captain Underpants books you are likely happy to know that there is going to be a Captain Underpants movie...YAY!!!

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Trailer …:
crop top time
I'm wearing a crop top, my belly is showing and I don't care =p
I'm tied up tightly to a chair, you come in and see a feather next to me as all my ticklish areas are exposed. What do you do?


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Isabelle Nelson
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I have changed my DA username to The-Tickler-85-520

My birthday badge

bob esponja by Smoker5</span></span>
my favorite deviation:)

Favorite Johnny Test quote: "he took everything...the enlarger, the shrinker, the widener, all the Ray guns, even the mini fridge with the last can of whosit ham, oh he is evil" -Dukey
(from Johnny Vs The Tickler)

Favorite IZombie quote: "shut up or I'll eat you" -Liv Moore (episode unknown)

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favorite visual artist: none
Favorite Movies: Titanic
Favorite TV shows: Johnny Test, IZombie, Mr. Men Show
Favorite book: The Outsiders
Favorite writer: none
Favorite games: scene it
Favorite gaming platform: Minecraft
Tools of the trade: Tickle belt, Bone saw
Other interests: I have an obsession with Johnny Test, IZombie, and Tickling

My besties:
:iconlaurenlily96::icontherealkirsten123: (my 2 bestest friends)

:iconthelinkinparkhombre: href="DeviantArt://profile/jasminedalton" target="_self">:iconjasminedalton::icongracesimerly53:

My buddies: :iconmattie-dolmio: :icondalekemperor: :iconsockticklingguy:
People who act like my fav JT characters:

The Tickler: :iconcrimsondude123: :iconmattie-dolmio:

Dark Vegon: me :iconjsf5leader1234:

Johnny Test: :iconnewtonreturns566:

Dukey: :iconlaurenlily96:

Johnny's parents: :iconthelinkinparkhombre: (dad) I can't seem to think of someone to be the mom(mom)

BlastKetchup: :iconcomicreadinggamer:

The Tickler's Allie (even though he doesn't really have any): :iconenkermkn001:

I now have a league of characters...and here are the members.

The Tickler(me): the leader
Blaine Debeers (:iconzhaneaugustine:) : member
LazloParadox(:icontherealkirsten123:) : member
Syndrome(:iconlaurenlily96:) : member Cartman(:iconcrazdmetalhead009:) : member Cypher(:iconguyvermaster001:) : member

Peridot(:iconmrtickle1:) : member
Doctor Wreaker(:iconsupergamerboy101:) : member
Brainfreezer(:iconashercoolww:) member
other members:
there is one more person but he deactivated his account sadly:( his username was tothejohnnyextrime

I like Johnny test a lot, I know all episodes and you can watch them on YouTube. I have a crazy obsession with Tickling and whenever I get the chance to do so...I ask them if they are ticklish. I also have an obsession with Johnny Test...I know all villains from Bling Bling boy to The Lunch Lady...I can talk like any Johnny Test character. I just started watching this show called IZombie and I love it already,I already remember most of the main characters. I have 2 scars on the front of me, one on my chest and one on my belly, they are separate. the 1st scar is because I was born with a heart disease called TAPVR (I can't put the full name cause it's too long) and was in the hospital for more then 5 months, my 2nd scar is from my esophagus being wrapped around my stomach when I was 2-3 years old. I am the middle child of my family with an older brother named Kaleb (birthday: 1/30/1997) and a younger sister named Karys (birthday: 5/21/2004) my siblings do not know that I am ticklish but I have a feeling that they will find out soon , my mom is a very good person and my dad always likes to have fun. I am the only left handed person in my family. if you like IZombie,then send me a note so we can chat about it. I watch a lot of shows that include Tickling.
I do impressions of characters as well

my top 5 best impressions

5: Johnny Test
4: Mr. Tickle
3: Dukey
2: The Tickler
1: Ms. Whoops

If you want to see me do these impressions,email me and I will make a YouTube video

Characters I like:
Mr. Tickle (Mr Men Show) The Tickler (Johnny Test) Spongebob (Spongebob Square pants) Cat Valentine (victorious/Sam and Cat) Carly (ICarly) Olivia Moore (IZombie) Feebie (The Thundermans) Dark Vegan (Johnny Test)

the most fun I have is with friends I let me be your friend. I am now starting to write a book called "Adventures In Cartoon Network City" and it's about any experience I have had in CN city or here on Deviantart :) it is going to be a long book probably at least 15 chapters as I keep having fun here

My obsesstion with tickling: I have not had this obsesstion for long but I have had it for 4-5 years. I first got into it from watching Johnny Test, I became super obsessed with Johnny Vs The Tickler sience it was my first Johnny Test episode and first episode I saw with tickling. I have watched that episode a whole lot and I still do, I never stopped watching it. Later on I started watching more shows with tickling, like SpongeBob and Gravity Falls, for Halloween 2015 I desited to be The Tickler because I enjoy him so much. My parents don't like my obsesstion and didn't like that was a villain but I still was him. When I got my Devianart account I didn't feel like the only person with the interest and obsesstion with tickling like I do and always like watching cartoons with tickling sience that is what started me out to enjoying it.

Languages I know:
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design

JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

things I like: my friends, Tickling, cartoons, IZombie, YouTube, puppies and kittens, cartoons that have Tickling.

things I don't like: bullies,loosing my best friends,what my sister likes, people who don't know my favorite Johnny Test episode, super bad Tickle Torture, Jews.

href="DeviantArt://profile/mrticklerapefaceplz" target="_self">:iconmrticklerapefaceplz: :iconsaysplz: everyone needs a tickle

I now use 2 accounts

my active accounts:
1:JSF5leader1234 :iconjsf5leader1234:
2:TheTickler85 :iconthetickler85:

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things I'm obbesed with:

Tickle Stamp by Sue-Zan

things I like:
Dee-Dee -Fan button by SunsetMajka626

Spongebob Lover by FoxGurl25

I Love Spongebob stamp by superj760

Lil Gideon Fan Button by ButtonsMaker</a
Johnny Test Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

iZombie (Stamp) by LadyOfManyArtForms

my important stamps:
It's Okay To Cry Stamp by xXPariahsXx
Ticklish Artist by Moriona-Broazic
I Collect Stamps by SquallxZell-Leonhart…

Smart Lefty by Cute-Little-Angel
Left-handed by MagdaMilo

RP: 1st person by PharaohQueen

friends STAMP by peterdzign

randomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz

The Spelling Stamp by Busiris

The Glomp Stamp by Busiris

The Hug Stamp by Busiris

Artblock Stamp by Busiris

The Stamp...Stamp by Busiris

I Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherry

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot


OC appreciation stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria

My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27

OC Pairings - Stamp by Astanine

Luv Someone With Autism Stamp by Mirz123

Autism isn't an insult by Guinnygirl

my DA family:

:iconcaptain-storm:-my pretty mother

:iconsockticklingguy:-my awesome father

:iconlaurenlily96:-my fav sister

:iconticklishnate:-my amazing bro

:iconhamonrhydoncena: my best bro

:iconfeatherwish004:-my adorable sister

:iconftgenikit:-my crazy Tickler

:iconcanucksfan17:-my happy Tickler
:iconChrimsondude123: and :iconmattie-dolmio: my evil Ticklers

:iconticklishbigbrother:-my crazy bro

:iconjasminedalton:-my Michael Jackson song partner

:iconthelinkinparkhombre: the happy one

:icongracesimerly53:-my BFF

my RP buddies:



href="DeviantArt://profile/iloveticklingfeet" target="_self">:iconiloveticklingfeet:





I love the Titanic alot...I am a huge Titanic fan



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